Couples Counselling

Hertfordshire based couples counselling and therapy for people in all relationship types.


Our relationship counsellors are trained to work with heterosexual or same sex couples in monogamous or open relationships. We can offer support with the impact of affairs, mismatched sexual desires, conflict and communication issues, helping relationships to reach their greatest potential or to come to an agreeable end.

Intimate relationships face many pressures. With the combination of work, children, pets and elder care we can find ourselves struggling to find time for one another. Sex can become an area of contention, with lack of opportunity and privacy affecting the frequency and quality of physical contact. We can find ourselves seeking intimacy and validation outside of our core relationship(s) and then facing the consequent devastating impact of a discovery. We might have sexual and emotional desires that our partner(s) don’t share and face the choice of abstinence or betrayal. We could be in love with someone whose approach to some aspects of life is opposite to ours and feel like our homes are battle grounds.  Our childhoods can set us up to feel anxious in intimate relationships, or avoidant of closeness, creating conflict and stress in our day to day interactions with our partner. We might think that divorce and separation is inevitable but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of uncoupling.

Our team of professional sex and relationship therapists can support you with any of these themes, and any other relationship issues you may have that we have not detailed, in a non-judgemental space. We are all trained in sex therapy as well as couple therapy, so we can support the full range of issues that develop in intimate relationships. We don’t take sides. We see your relationship as our client and we do what we can to support the recovery of attraction, goodwill, sex and fun or, a conscious and respectful separation.