Sex Therapy Herts

Sex Therapy Herts offers low-cost sex and relationship therapy in person in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, or online or by telephone, for one-to-one and intimate partner therapy, for the treatment of sexual function and relationship problems.


Who are Sex Therapy Herts?

Sex Therapy Herts offers low-cost sex and relationship therapy for individuals, couples and multiple partnered people. The service is provided by therapists undertaking specialist sex and relationship therapy training at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology (CICS), under the guidance of our Clinical Director and CICS Course Director Julie Sale. Our therapists in training have reached the stage in their development where they are deemed competent to safely offer sex and relationship therapy for a range of sex and relationship related problems.

It is a common assumption that a therapist in training might not be as effective as a fully qualified therapist. Although a fully qualified therapist will certainly have more experience, there are many advantages to working with a therapist in training. Julie outlines them here in this blog.

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We bring a contemporary approach to our sex and relationship therapy work, drawing on the latest research and thinking to offer effective treatment approaches to our clients. All of our team are members of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, the largest accrediting body of sex and relationship therapists in the UK, and are undertaking specialist training in sex and relationship therapy with the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. Our team is also strongly allied to Pink Therapy and we offer culturally sensitive therapy for people identifying as LGBTQ+. We are kink aware and take a non-pathologising, sex positive approach to people with specific sexual preferences and high sex drives.

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Relationship Therapy

Counselling for couples and multi-partnered people.


Low Sexual Desire

Therapy for people of all genders worried about a lack of or low sexual desire.


Female Painful Sex

Counselling for people suffering with pain during sex.


Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

Help if you feel you have no control over your sexual behaviour.


Fetishes, Kinks and Paraphilias

Support if you're worried about your specific sexual preferences.


Gender Identity

Therapy for for gender diverse and gender questioning adults.


Erectile Disorder

Support for people who have problems getting or maintaining an erection.


Premature Ejaculation

Therapy for people concerned that they may 'come' too quickly.


Delayed Ejaculation

For people worried about taking 'too long' to ejaculate.