Relationship Counselling

In-person, online or phone therapy for couples and multi-partnered people from Sex Therapy Herts in Letchworth, Hertfordshire


Intimate relationships can face various challenges over their life span, many of which can benefit from the support of a professional relationship counsellor. Couples and multiple partnered people may be preparing for marriage, they could be struggling with fertility and parenting issues, or with maintaining their sex lives. There may have been a betrayal, an affair, or problems with communication and connection, or a decision to be made regarding whether to stay together or to separate. Multiple partnered people may need support negotiating the terms of their relationships and managing the dynamics of having more than one partner.

Relationship counsellors offer a neutral, non-judgemental space for problems to be discussed and worked through. They don’t take sides. Our team have extensive training in all types of relationship configurations, sexual orientations and identities, including working with polyamory, open relationships, LGBTQIA people, kink and sexual compulsivity themes.

We appreciate that it can feel like a big step to bring your intimate problems to a therapist and we can reassure you that you will be treated equally, with dignity and respect, whatever brings you to our service.

Remember, sex therapists are specialist trained counsellors and we talk about sex and sexual issues all day long. Don’t let embarrassment stop you from getting the help that you need and that works.