Our Team

Our team of sex and relationship therapists in training are able to help with a wide variety of sexual and relationship problems for individuals, couples and multiple partnered people.

Julie Sale Sex Therapy Herts

Julie Sale

Clinical Director, COSRT Senior Accredited Sex & Relationship Therapist, COSRT Accredited Clinical Supervisor, UKCP Registered and Accredited Psychotherapist

Julie is our Clinical Director and Director of the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. She is a UKCP Registered and Accredited general psychotherapist,  COSRT Senior Accredited Sex and Relationship Therapist and COSRT Accredited Clinical Supervisor. Julie has extensive experience working with sex and relationship themes both in the NHS and in private practice. Julie is a Pink Therapy endorsed GSRD Aware Trainer.

Kathy Freeman Sex Therapy Herts

Kathy Freeman

Practice Manager and Course Administrator

Kathy holds a combined role in our team, both supporting Sex Therapy Herts as our Practice Manager and supporting CICS as Course Administrator. She has spent her working life in mental health, initially as an NHS administrator at Fairfield Hospital and latterly as Practice Manager for Local Counselling Centre. Kathy brings with her an in-depth knowledge of different healthcare models and healthcare providers. A naturally warm and empathic person, Kathy has enormous skill at helping our clients access the appropriate help they need.

If you have an enquiry about accessing psychosexual or relationship therapy, please contact Kathy on kathy@contemporarypsychotherapy.co.uk

Sex Therapy Herts Team Profiles

The Sex Therapy Herts Team are all studying with the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology (CICS) and are at a point in their specialist training to be able to apply their learning to clinical practice. Their training at CICS is sex positive, inclusive, evidence based and up to date. As you can see from their profiles, they all bring relevant previous life and work experiences to add to their excellent specialist training.

Lucie Lopes Sex Therapy Herts

Lucie Lopes

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Lucie has spent her career in large corporations where she has had the opportunity to experience various senior roles. In 2008, she led a program of works to drive cultural and behavioural change on a global scale and this prompted her to do a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Lucie has learnt a lot about cultural differences and has worked in multiple various countries throughout her career.

Lucie has found her passion is to help and support people through periods of change. She decided to specialise sex and relationship therapy due to it being an area of counselling which is so fundamental to people's life and wellbeing. Sex and relationships are part of all of our lives in various shapes or forms and Lucie sees being part of a resource network in someone's personal or relational journey as a great privilege.

Frankie Jones Sex Therapy Herts

Frankie Jones

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Frankie has spent the majority of her adult life as a professional actor which has given her the opportunity to work with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Through this field of work it became apparent how many people felt as though they would benefit from a therapist with extensive knowledge in sex and relationships. Identifying as queer Frankie feels that understanding herself and her world will be a lifelong journey, and she knows how dedicated time in a non-judgmental space can be a real gift, which she feels privileged to offer to her clients. Frankie feels that therapy provides people with what might be the only time in their day to openly explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions and she is  passionate about supporting clients in a safe and non-judgmental way.

Jess Lamb Sex Therapy Herts

Jess Lamb

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Jess has been in the field of psychology and mental health for the past six years, initially working on psychiatric wards and for the past two years, in a mental health charity. Jess oversees the daily running and coordination of four mental health services and has multiple years of experience with one-to-one and group sessions.

Jess is able to provide individual diversity aware therapy relating to psychosexual issues such as erection difficulties, difficulties with orgasm, pleasure and desire, painful sex, vaginismus, kink and BDSM. Jess is a sex work advocate and has contributed to academic literature to support the reduction in sex work stigma.

Charlotte Sivvery Sex Therapy Herts

Charlotte Sivvery

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

I recognise that issues relating to sex and relationships are the most personal things we can speak about. My goal is to provide a non-judgemental, supportive and compassionate space where clients feel safe enough to bring whatever problems they are struggling with. Together, we can work through these issues to release shame and find a path towards more pleasure.

I also hold a placement within a busy NHS psychosexual service. Here, I have gained experience working with clients with a range of psychosexual difficulties, particularly penetrative pain, vaginismus and unreliable erections. Prior to this, I had some general counselling experience working for an LGBT+ mental health and wellbeing charity. Outside of my sex therapy training work, I work in education. I have 15 years of experience working with young people between the ages of 12-18. I have always enjoyed the pastoral side of my role as I believe that good emotional and mental wellbeing is the foundation of a healthy and successful life. Ultimately, it was this belief which led me towards a career in therapy.

Dominique Ampe  Sex Therapy Herts

Dominique Ampe

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

I am originally from Belgium but spent much of my younger years in various countries in West Africa. After moving to England about 30 years ago, I spent two decades in middle management before following my passion for helping others.

For the past ten years, I've been working as a hypnotherapist, where I've had the privilege of supporting clients on their journey to personal growth and healing.

Three years ago, I decided to pursue training as a couple relational therapist, and I am currently studying to become a sex and intimate relationship therapist. It has been an incredible journey. My priority has always been providing a safe space for clients to openly discuss their past traumas, fears, and intimate concerns.

I am dedicated to offering non-judgmental support, especially regarding sensitive topics. Alongside my private practice, I also hold a placement position with NHS Sexual Health Services.

As a Sex and Relationship Therapist in training, I warmly welcome all clients. My goal is to create a safe, authentic environment where individuals can explore their concerns and work towards sexual and emotional autonomy.

Harriet Smith Sex Therapy Herts

Harriet Smith

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Harriet is a qualified sexual health nurse based in Cornwall, who also has experience as a sex and relationship teacher and well-being specialist for young people. Before this, she worked for the NHS as a district nurse. Certified in sexual health with the DipFSRH and STI Foundation, she is a member of professional organisations including NMC, RCN, FRSH, and COSRT.

Harriet aims to integrate her extensive nursing and sexual health expertise into her therapeutic approach, prioritising empowerment and reducing shame. She provides a supportive space to explore issues, foster personal awareness, and build confidence for positive changes.

Harriet strives to break down barriers preventing people from seeking help, believing that sexual well-being is an integral part of life. Her goal is to create an open environment where individuals can address concerns and work towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Milly Pleciak Sex Therapy Herts

Milly Pleciak

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Milly is a Psychology graduate from Birmingham, based in Bristol since 2019 and graduating with honours In 2022. Milly’s studies primarily focussed on human sexuality and relationships, and her final dissertation explored intimacy, infidelity, shame and techno-sexuality. She also assisted in research on physical disability, sex and relationships and volunteered as a ‘befriender’ for a women’s domestic and sexual violence charity.

Milly fosters a welcoming, inclusive, affirming, and authentic space, allowing her clients to focus on their wellbeing journey in an environment tailored to them. She uses an integrative approach to therapy and can offer support over a wide range of psychosexual issues, and for people from the LGBTQIA+, kink, BDSM and non-monogamous communities.

Samantha Horley Sex Therapy Herts

Samantha Horley

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

After many years working as a creative executive in the media, Samantha decided to become a sex and relationship therapist after struggling to find a therapist for herself who was both sex-positive and experienced with clients in “non-normative” relationships.

Samantha is passionate about pluralistic therapy, that is to say, working together with clients at their pace and in whatever way best suits their presentation and personality, whether it’s exploring childhood or other traumas, providing psychosexual education, setting exercises, or simply listening with care.

A self-described ‘fairness fanatic’, Samantha aims to provide a safe and educated space for Global Majority, LGBTQIA+, and sex worker clients, as well as everyone else.

Marie-Lou Sex Therapy Herts

Marie-Louise Steul

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Marie-Lou provides a caring and completely non-judgmental environment where clients can feel comfortable being themself. She provides a collaborative approach to help with sexual function-related health and well-being concerns. She enjoys helping clients find or rediscover the joy and fulfilment that might have been missing in intimate relationships.

She is enthusiastic about assisting individuals and intimate partners with relational issues connected to sexuality, such as concerns related to orientation, identity, and personal exploration.

Marie-Lou is committed to reducing stigma and fostering open dialogues around sexuality in a caring and empathetic manner.

She is a French-German native that has lived in the UK for 14 years as well as having lived for 3 years in New York. After a corporate management career, she has now found her calling in enabling healthier and more open discourse around sex and relationships.

Steven Young Sex Therapy Herts

Steven Young

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Steven offers you a safe space to be seen and heard without judgement. Supporting clients who wish to explore the application of psychosexual therapy approaches to sexual and relationship difficulties in ways that honour, protect and celebrate the uniqueness of their identities, relationship/s, erotic mind, kink, fantasies, fetishes, solo, partnered, group sex, and lived experience. Providing it’s legal and consensual, nothing is “off limits”, weird or shocking to Steven.

For the last 21 years of working for the Church of England, Steven has fought for safeguarding and GSRD equality and protection in an institution whose beliefs, policies and practices harm GSRD people. He has experienced first-hand stigma, discrimination, abuse and conversion therapy on the basis of his gender, sexuality, relational (civil-partnership and same-sex parent) professional and religious identities. His experiences strengthen his resolve to serve everyone to the very best of his ability.

Naomi Rees Sex Therapy Herts

Naomi Rees

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

Naomi has worked as a Nurse for over twenty years within the NHS. She is a qualified Menopause Specialist and Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She currently works in GP Practice and consults with her patients on a wide variety of health needs, including their Physical and Mental Health.

She is passionate about Menopause Care and the impact that can have on sex and relationships. Naomi also has many years of experience working within addiction and sexual health. During her time working within sexual health she passionately supported the health needs of sex workers.

Naomi decided to train as a Psychosexual Therapist in response to the often narrow and limited options of Psychosexual treatment available from a medical perspective alone.

Naomi combines her many years of clinical experience with a warm psychotherapeutic approach to really understand what is at the heart of her clients problem. She understands and is responsive to the fact that clients may not have felt listened to in the past or may have found it hard to openly talk about their problems.

Naomi offers a sex positive, inclusive and validating space. All of her clients are supported to openly explore their experiences, thoughts and questions free from judgement. Naomi promotes the importance of sexual pleasure and sexual fulfilment for all individuals.

Jo Vieira Sex Therapy Herts

Jo Vieira

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

In 2020, Jo reached a point where she decided to pursue her long-held passion to become a Sex and Relationship Therapist. Jo has learned through her career that communication skills are key to building strong relationships. She understands how difficult it is for clients to open up about a subject that is so personal and adjusts the therapeutic process to the clients' pace. Jo believes her experiences allow her to provide an open, free of judgement and safe space to clients, where they can explore with curiosity where they are at, get the support in the steps in between, and towards, their therapeutic goal.

Jo makes use of a bio-psycho-social framework to understand better the clients' experiences. She is currently in her final year of training at CICS and looking forward to supporting people on their journey to having healthier and fulfilled sex lives and relationships. Jo is available to provide sessions in English or in her native language Portuguese.

Jo Vieira Therapy Herts

April Shergold

Sex and Relationship Therapist in Training

April Maria is a dedicated and experienced Sex Educator with over four years of expertise in sex education, sex tech, and endometriosis awareness. She is passionate about empowering others with a comprehensive understanding of sexual health, gynaecological conditions, erection difficulties, intimacy, and relationships.

April's commitment extends to demystifying the intricacies of how our bodies and minds function in relation to sex and relationships, enabling individuals to make informed and confident choices. As an advocate for diversity, April champions the LGBTQ+ community, kink, BDSM, and non-monogamous relationships. Proudly identifying as a pansexual woman, she strives to create inclusive spaces where everyone can explore and embrace their authentic selves.