Full & Low Cost Sex & Relationship Therapy

With fees starting at £15 per session with our low cost team and £60 a session with the qualified team members, we offer affordable sex and relationship therapy whatever your budget.


Most people in the general public don’t realise that there is a talking therapy for sexual problems and will often assume a solely biological cause for their problem. Although biology plays a very important role in sexuality, many sexual issues have a psychological component and this is where psychosexual therapy comes in.

Our team specialises in the treatment of the following issues (click for more):

Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

We prefer the term compulsive sexual behaviours or out of control sexual behaviour to the often used but controversial term ‘sex addiction’. This is a situation in which a person feels that they have no control over their sexual behaviour and feel distressed by their sexual choices. We work with this theme in a way that does not pathologise high sex drives or non mainstream sexual preferences, taking a sexual health approach to support our clients in reaching a place where they feel comfortable with their sex lives.

Fetishes, Kink and Paraphilias

‘Non mainstream’ sex that is consensual and lawful is not problematic in and of itself, but for some people, having specific sexual preferences generates guilt and shame. Kink aware sex and relationship therapy explores the client’s feelings towards their sexual preferences, often normalising them, whilst ensuring safe, consensual and lawful practice. We offer safe, non-judgmental therapy for people conflicted about their sexual preferences.

Sexual Trauma, Abuse and Violence

Childhood sexual abuse, intimate partner violence and sexual crime can have devastating effects on mental health and sexual function. We provide long term, specialist care for people of all genders recovering from the impact of sexual abuse.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Concerns

We follow the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy V2 (MoU2), when working with sexual orientation and gender identity concerns. Our Clinical Director, Julie Sale, and our Diversity Specialist, Kirstie McEwan are both members of the Coalition Against Conversion Therapy group, the national group that developed the MoU 2. All sexual and gender identities are honoured in our service and clients are offered a safe, non-judgmental place to explore any conflicts or concerns they may have with their identities.